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A Personal Injury Lawyer For Car And Truck Accidents

A personal injury lawyer is necessary when car and truck accidents are the most common cause of personal injury. However many victims never receive the full value of their claims.  Motor vehicle drivers in Missouri have a civic duty to exercise reasonable care not to injure others by operating their vehicles in a safe manner, obeying all traffic laws.

Car and Truck Accidents Can Lead To Lifelong Pain and Suffering

Nonetheless, car and truck accidents are a leading cause of personal injury that can leave victims with lifelong pain and suffering.  The leading causes of car and truck accidents are distracted driving, speeding, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driver fatigue, improper lane/turning change, tailgating, running red lights/stop signs, aggressive driving, failure to yield, poor weather conditions (especially with trucks), and mechanical defects.

If your case involves a truck accident, your personal injury lawyer will go over the Missouri Truck Safety Laws to determine if the trucking company, owner, or driver is liable.  There are state requirements for trucks to be properly maintained and routinely inspected to ensure that braking systems, lights, steering, the engine, and other mechanical parts are operating properly. Most trucking companies keep records of safety inspections and maintenance performed. Likewise, truck drivers must be in compliance with special licenses, hourly driving limits, and break schedules to stay safe while driving on the road.

If a reckless car or truck driver cause your injuries, you need a personal injury lawyer who will fight for your right to just compensation.  Your personal injury lawyer will get to work right away collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and determining the cause that led to your accident.  Our lawyers at Noland Law Firm will obtain the police report and review it for errors and inaccuracies, diligently establishing the other driver’s liability in your case.

Our team at Noland Law Firm has over 45 years’ combined experience representing car and truck accident victims. Every client and every case is unique and has its own set of challenges.  A personal injury lawyer will take the time to thoroughly investigate your claim and determine the circumstances that led to your accident.  Contact Noland Law Firm today, or call us at (816) 781-5055 with any questions regarding your car or truck accident.