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Noland Law Firm, LLC has over 60 years experience combined and tried over 200 jury trials to give our clients the experience they need to achieve the results they deserve.

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When looking for a personal injury attorney, Noland Law Firm, LLC, has made a positive difference in the lives of injury victims and their loved ones for nearly 60 combined years. We also handle consumer fraud cases, criminal defense, employment law and family law issues.

Personal Injury Attorneys based in Liberty, Missouri, we enjoy a well-established history in the Kansas City area. Our legacy of success and service continues to set us apart.

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Liberty & Kansas City, Missouri
Our Approach

Combining High-Caliber Experience With Friendly Small-Firm Service

People sometimes choose larger firms for the “name brand” prestige, only to discover that they are treated like just another file among many. Here, we do things differently. Our firm is not a personal injury “mill.” We take the needs of our clients seriously. To that end, we provide an individualized, one-on-one approach.

Our firm also offers the advantage of high-caliber legal experience The firm’s founding attorney, Douglass F. Noland, has practiced law for nearly 43 years. He is certified in civil trial advocacy through the National Board of Trial Advocacy.


Our Attorneys

Douglass F. Noland
Douglass F. Noland, a dedicated attorney in Missouri and Kansas, brings a wealth of legal expertise. A recognized trial advocate, he holds numerous accolades, including the Distinguished Attorney Award and Board Certification in Civil Trial Advocacy.
Jennifer N. Wettstein
Jennifer N. Wettstein, a skilled attorney admitted in Missouri and Kansas, holds a Juris Doctorate from UMKC School of Law. Dedicated to service, she's a proud member of legal associations.
Kate E. Noland
Kate E. Noland, a distinguished attorney with an Order of the Coif honor, brings a rich legal background. A former prosecutor and esteemed educator, she contributes to legal leadership and education at multiple levels.

Understand How We Help You

Consultation & Case Review

At Noland Law Firm, our adept personal injury attorneys prioritize personalized attention to comprehend the intricacies of your individual situation. During a complimentary consultation, we delve into the details of your personal injury case while listening attentively to your concerns. This careful assessment lays the foundation for a tailored roadmap crafted to address your specific needs that will arise from your personal injury case. Our commitment is to provide you with a meaningful and focused understanding of your case from the very beginning, ensuring a purposeful approach to securing the best possible outcome.

Building Your Tailored Defense

After the initial consultation, our team conducts a thorough investigation, gathering evidence and consulting experts to fortify your personal injury case. This critical phase is focused on building a robust foundation for a compelling claim. As your dedicated advocates, we navigate the complexities of personal injury law, determining liability, assessing damages, and establishing the potential value of your claim. Throughout this stage, our goal is to position you for the best possible outcome.

Negotiation & Case Settlement

We will leverage our expertise in personal injury law to engage in skilled negotiation with insurance companies and at-fault parties, whether you are partially at fault or not at fault when the injury occurred. Noland Law Firm is committed to maximizing your compensation, covering both economic damages like medical bills and lost wages, as well as non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. Our attorneys, serving clients in Liberty and the neighborhoods making up Kansas City, Missouri, strive to secure a fair settlement. If necessary, we are prepared to represent you in court to ensure your rights are protected and justice is served on your behalf.

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Can I File a Personal Injury Claim Without a Personal Injury Lawyer?

While it’s possible to pursue a personal injury claim in Missouri independently, particularly for minor injuries arising from an accident, opting for legal representation is highly recommended to avoid complications and ensure thorough attention to pertinent details. At Noland Law Firm, we distinguish ourselves from larger firms by prioritizing a personalized, one-on-one approach.

Benefiting from the high-caliber legal experience of our founding attorney, Douglass F. Noland, who brings nearly 43 years of practice and is certified in civil trial advocacy through the National Board of Trial Advocacy, our firm offers a unique advantage. Engaging a personal injury lawyer from Noland Law Firm ensures adept assistance in establishing liability, gathering evidence, and navigating the intricacies of Missouri personal injury claims.

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Liberty & Kansas City, Missouri
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