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Are truck drivers and trucking companies subject to special regulations?

Missouri truck accident attorneys know that smaller vehicles and their occupants rarely stand a fighting chance against large and heavy commercial trucks in a collision.

Recently, a Christian County wrongful death lawsuit against a concrete truck company and its driver was settled. The case stemmed from a trucking accident that killed a married man and father of a young boy. The driver was “convicted of involuntary manslaughter” and was reportedly not only speeding and driving while drunk, but also was driving a concrete trunk that was allegedly “overloaded”. 

Whether or not a criminal case is brought or a conviction entered, a victim or their closest surviving relatives may be able to bring a civil lawsuit for money damages against the driver and/or trucking company.

While all drivers are expected to drive responsibly and safely, truck drivers and their companies are subject to additional safety regulations. Such regulations include but are not limited to properly maintaining and routinely inspecting mechanical and operating systems of the trucks and keeping appropriate records of safety inspections and maintenance performed. 
With respect to the truck drivers, there are special licenses to be obtained and rules to follow that limit the number of hours they can drive so they don’t suffer from driver fatigue or distracted driving. If these rules are not followed and an accident occurs, those injured as a result the company and/or the driver’s actions or failures to act may result in either being held liable in a personal injury action. 

If the victims die as a result of the accident, their closest surviving family members may be entitled to damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death actions are complex with respect to who has standing to sue and for what damages they are entitled to. Generally, the compensation may include things like funeral and burial expenses, medical bills, the victim’s pain and suffering before death, the survivors’ loss of the victim’s future income and future benefits, the survivors’ loss of companionship, and more. 

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