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Can I sue a property owner if I fell and got injured?

Kansas City slip, trip and fall lawyers know that in order for their clients to recover compensation for their injuries, they need to prove the injuries resulted from the property owner’s negligence.

Grounded in personal injury law, a slip, trip and fall case arises when a residential or commercial property owner either fails to maintain their property in a safe manner or fails to properly warn those who enter upon the property of hazardous conditions thereon.

A successful lawsuit requires that the victim show that the owner knew about the unsafe situation and failed to timely correct it, and that action or inaction by the owner caused the unsafe condition that led to the victim’s fall and injury. If liability can be established, compensatory damages may include such items as current and future lost income, current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more, in accordance with applicable state law and the facts at hand.

Recently, an electrician who allegedly slipped and fell 8 feet off a ladder while installing automatic curtains in a multibillionaire’s private home gymnasium reportedly commenced legal action against the residence trust owner of the property and the project’s general contractor. The victim claims staff allegedly directed him and other workers through signage and spoken instructions to “go to shoeless and wear blue protective booties to protect the fancy floors at his… mansion from getting scratched or dirtied”. The worker alleges that wearing these slippery booties caused the fall that allegedly injured his heel and fractured discs in his spine requiring surgery and future surgeries.

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