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Car Accident Lawyer: Are Police Reports Necessary For Car Accidents?

A car accident lawyer at Noland Law Firm will tell you it is always a good idea to call the police after an accident, and file a police report.  Filing a police report is one the many steps to focus on after an accident and we have provided a printable checklist for you, here. There are many benefits to filing a police report after a car accident which include documentation, compelling evidence, and dispute resolution.

Your Car Accident Lawyer At Noland Law Firm Will Tell You Police Reports Are Important When Filing Insurance Claims

Accident reports include pertinent information for your car accident lawyer and insurance company detailing the accident.  A police report will contain the date and time of the accident, and what location the accident occurred, both driver’s contact information as well as insurance company information, as well as any witness claims to the accident.  It will also include any citations given at the scene and other facts that help establish fault in the claim.

When insurance companies are determining fault in a car accident, they will want to look at the police report because it holds more credibility from reliable officers, over informal witness statements gathered at the scene.  Furthermore, police reports are necessary when the other driver is disputing his or her fault in the accident.  If a traffic violation citation is given, this helps to strengthen your not-at-fault claim.

A car accident lawyer will be able to help determine the legitimacy of your claim as well, and help you through the insurance claim process.  If a reckless or negligent driver has caused you to be involved in an accident, you need a someone who will fight for your right to just compensation.

Because the police often conduct an investigation and file a report shortly after the accident, it is vital for your car accident lawyer to immediately begin their work of collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and determining the circumstances that led to your accident.  We will obtain the police report and review it for errors and inaccuracies.  By collaborating with a network of investigators and medical experts, we will diligently work to establish the other driver’s liability and build a successful case.

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