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Car Accident Lawyer: Protecting Your Rights

A car accident lawyer with Noland Law Firm, LLC. will protect your rights and be your advocate when dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. You can turn to Noland Law Firm for an experienced car accident lawyer.

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A Car Accident Lawyer Is Your Advocate In The Aftermath Of A Car Accident

Motor vehicle drivers in Missouri have a duty to exercise reasonable care not to injure others by operating their vehicles in a safe manner and obeying traffic laws. Nonetheless, car accidents are the leading cause of personal injuries that leave victims with significant pain and suffering. If a reckless or negligent driver cause your injuries, you need a car accident lawyer who will fight for your right to just compensation.

Our attorneys have over 45 years combined experience in car accident cases and a proven track record of obtaining meaningful compensation for our clients. While no two accidents are alike, we believe that most car crashes are avoidable and negligent drivers must be held accountable. Being in an accident can be upsetting, but it is crucial to call a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

After a police report is taken, it is important for us to begin our work immediately. We’ll collect evidence, interview witnesses, and determine the circumstances that led to your accident. We also obtain the police report and review it for errors and inaccuracies. By collaborating with a network of investigators and medical experts, we will diligently work to establish the other driver’s liability and build a successful case.

We have the resources and experience you need to handle car accident cases, and will advocate for you, even when dealing with insurance companies. It’s often been said that “accidents happen”, but if you were injured by a reckless or negligent driver you may be able to recover damages for pain and suffer, lost wages, medical expenses, and property damage.

You can turn to a car accident lawyer with Noland Law Firm, serving car accident victims in Liberty, Gladstone, Kansas City, Kearney, Excelsior Springs, Missouri City, Sugar Creek, and Independence. If you need a car accident lawyer, contact us today online to schedule your free consultation, or feel free to call us at (816) 781-5055 with any questions regarding your case.