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Car Accident Lawyer: When To Hire

Hiring a car accident lawyer is an important decision if you or your loved one was injured in a car accident.  Motor vehicle drivers in Missouri have a duty to exercise reasonable care not to injure others by operating their vehicles in a safe manner and obeying traffic laws.  Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injuries that leave victims with significant pain and suffering, and hiring a car accident lawyer might be your best option.

Car Accident Lawyers Can Be Hired At Any Time

We know how stressful car accidents can be and want you to be prepared in advance with our accident checklist and injury checklist.  Sometimes it’s hard to determine the best course of action and our checklists are a guide to support you.  There are many reasons why hiring a car accident lawyer is in your best interest, including timing and meeting legal deadlines.

It is important to hire a car accident lawyer either the day of, or within a couple days after the accident to help support your claim.  All car accident claims have a legal statute of limitation on the amount of time you have to file your claim with the courts.  Other limitations may involve individual insurance company policies and time limits that a car accident lawyer can explain to you, as well as become your advocate when dealing with insurance company claims.

Another timing issue revolves around the police report.  Because the police often conduct an investigation and file a report shortly after the accident, it is vital for us to immediately begin our work conducting evidence, interview witnesses, and determining the circumstances that led to your accident.  We will obtain the police report and review it for errors and inaccuracies.  By collaborating with a network of investigators and medical experts, we will diligently work to establish the other driver’s liability and build a successful case.

You can turn to the Noland Law Firm in Liberty, serving the Kansas City Metro area including North Kansas City, Raytown, Independence and Blue Springs.  With over 45 years of combined experience in car accident cases and a proven track record of obtaining meaningful compensation for our clients, we have the knowledge and resources to obtain a fair and adequate settlement.  Contact a car accident lawyer at Noland Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation, or call us at (816) 781-5055 with any questions you have regarding your case.