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Employment Law

Employment Law: Enforcement of a Covenant Not to Compete

August 28, 2014

Can My Employer Enforce a Covenant Not to Compete? Many employers require their employees to sign agreements which contain covenants not to compete with the company.  The enforceability of these restrictive provisions varies from state-to-state and depends on a variety of factors. A former employee who violates an enforceable non-compete agreement may be ordered to…

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Legal Issues in Job Searches: Question You Shouldn’t Ask or Answer During An Interview

January 24, 2014

Questions You Shouldn’t Ask or Answer During an Interview Job-seekers have to be ready to respond to any interview question asked of them, but not every question has to be answered.  To ensure that employers do not discriminate against candidates based on age, gender, race, health and family arrangements, there are certain regulations which restrict…

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