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Personal Injury

Tragedy in the Wake of Alleged BWI Crash in Missouri

June 5, 2018

Q: Who can sue for damages in a boating while intoxicated accident? An alleged Missouri boating while intoxicated accident has left tragedy in its wake and legal trouble for the boat’s driver. According to police, the driver crashed the boat into a rock bluff, ejecting himself and two of his four passengers into the water.…

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Meth Contamination Concerns at Daycare Center

May 29, 2018

Q: What is daycare negligence? Plenty of people fantasize about finding a place to hide on a difficult workday. But one day care worker allegedly turned that common day dream into a frightening reality. Most daycare negligence lawsuits that make the news involve workers physically abusing the children in their care in ways that leave…

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Dogs that Bite—Who’s Responsible?

April 23, 2018

You see the cutest dog at the park and you can’t resist saying hi. The owner smiles as you walk up to the dog and gingerly put your hand out to pet his fluffy little head. Without warning, the dog snaps at you and sinks his teeth into your hand. The owner is horrified, declaring…

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Flyer Sues for Mental Anguish Over Alternate Landing

March 21, 2018

Q: Can I recover damages for mental anguish without physical injuries? Many people experience a manageable degree of anxiety when flying, particularly during take-offs and landings. But they choose to fly anyway, especially if it is required for their jobs. Recently, a former Cedar Creek, Missouri resident reportedly filed a personal injury lawsuit against an…

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Waffle House Wrongful Death Case Broadens

February 19, 2018

Q: Can multiple people or entities be liable for a wrongful death? Only an hour or so into the New Year, a Waffle House restaurant was the scene of a double shooting that injured one and left another man dead. Now the dead man’s mother and children are reportedly pursuing a Missouri wrongful death lawsuit…

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Liberty Student Killed as Car Crashes into Bar

February 12, 2018

Q: Do criminal charges against a drunk driver impact a wrongful death lawsuit? Missouri auto accidents that result fatalities are always tragic, but when the victim is a local teen, the loss is unfathomable and the community is shaken. Especially when alcohol is blamed. A 19-year-old student at Northwest Missouri State University was killed in…

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Dog Bite Liability: The Basics

January 25, 2018

Missouri, like many states, has specific statutes that address liability for dog bites. The owner may be liable in certain circumstances. However, there are situations where no one is liable for the bite. The specific facts of your case will determine whether you have a personal injury claim for a dog bite in Missouri. When…

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

December 18, 2017

Motorcycles are amazing machines. Many riders love the feeling of freedom and speed that they get from riding a bike. However, that freedom is sometimes the very reason that riding a motorcycle is so dangerous. There is very little protecting you from the road. Other drivers are often not as careful as they should be…

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Proving Slip and Fall Claims in Missouri

November 22, 2017

Although slip and fall accidents may seem minor at first, they can be very serious. In fact, they can result in long-term health conditions like residual effects from traumatic brain injuries, chronic back pain, or other debilitating damage. Proving your slip and fall claim can mean the difference between obtaining the compensation you need to…

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Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

October 1, 2017

The victim is the most important person in any personal injury case. However, many judges and juries do not think that the victim should be the only one telling their story at a trial. Having witnesses who are impartial and credible bolster your account of the events and can significantly help your case. Another type…

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