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Wrongful Death

Death on the Job

October 18, 2018

Q: Can I sue if I got hurt at work? It was a terrible day in the neighborhood when co-workers on the set and restaurant patrons nearby saw and heard the commotion after a sound technician from the movie production crew for the new Mister Rogers movie reportedly fell 2 stories to his death. An…

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Criminal Charges in Waterpark Decapitation Death

May 24, 2018

Q: Can someone be held criminally and civilly liable for a death? When a child dies in a tragic accident that’s particularly gruesome, the memory lingers for years. Such is the case in the alleged wrongful death two years ago of the then 10-year-old son of a Kansas lawmaker. The boy was decapitated while riding…

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The Criminal and Civil Consequences of Killing Someone

March 6, 2018

Q: Can intentional actions be the basis of a wrongful death lawsuit? When someone is facing charges, particularly something as serious as involuntary manslaughter, the first thing they need to focus on is hiring a skilled Kansas City criminal defense lawyer. And while getting acquitted is the biggest priority, that might not be the end…

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