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Cerebral Palsy & Birth Injuries Attorney

Cerebral palsy affects the central nervous system, and is often shortly before or shortly after birth. It is a permanent and irreversible. It often develops naturally, occurring even under the best obstetric care. In other cases, negligent medical care at  the time or birth or during the newborn period may trigger cerebral palsy. In these latter cases, victims have a legal right to compensation.

Any interference with the development of the nervous system, including deprivation of oxygen or nutrition to the brain, can cause or contribute to cerebral palsy. This may occur at the time of birth: oxygen loss caused by problems with the umbilical cord, loss of blood to the fetus due to damage to the placenta, or fetal distress due to becoming stuck in the birth canal. Additionally, cerebral palsy can arise after birth from untreated cardiovascular, respiratory, or digestive system complications, or from seizures. In each of these cases, the damage may have been avoidable with proper medical care.

Victims of cerebral palsy may be dependent on care, therapy, and day-to-day assistance throughout their lives. Loss of life enjoyment, as well as the expenses of such long-term care represent some of the losses experienced by the cerebral palsy patient.


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