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Institutional sexual abuse is far more prevalent than most people in Missouri realized even a few years ago—with several high-profile cases highlighted in the news in recent times—and the legal team at Noland Law Firm LLC is dedicated to assisting the victims of such crimes.

The victims of sexual abuse have often suffered for many years in silence, while the perpetrators have been left to continue their crimes.

This is changing, though. As people learn more about these disturbing crimes, more avenues are opening up for victims to seek compensation and justice for the serious crimes committed against them.

At the Noland Law Firm, we fight for the justice of sexual assault victims in Missouri. We proudly serve clients in the following cities:

If you or a loved one have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted by an individual or a member of an institution in the recent or distant past in Missouri, we can assist—with compassionate, supportive, and confidential representation.

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Types of sexual abuse cases we handle

The dedicated team of attorneys at Noland Law Firm LLC handles many types of sexual abuse and sexual assault cases in Missouri, often helping victims of sexual abuse who have been deprived of justice for many years.

These include cases involving sexual abuse within organizations and institutions, as well as other settings, including child sexual abuse where the perpetrator was in a position of trust and harbored by organizations, such as schools, religious institutions, sports teams, and other such settings.

Victims of sexual abuse can be of any age, gender or background. We also handle cases of sexual assault due to negligent security, assaults in bars and clubs, and workplace harassment cases.

What are the two main components of a sexual abuse case?

A sexual abuse case generally involves two main components:

  1. The criminal component involves working with law enforcement to ensure that the perpetrator is caught and held accountable for his/her actions.
  2. The civil/personal injury component works to secure the compensation that victims deserve for the crimes committed against them and the pain and suffering caused.

Our Missouri sexual abuse lawyers can assist with both components, supporting and guiding you through the process as we help you take the necessary legal steps to ensure justice is served.

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How long do you have to file a personal injury claim in Missouri? (Statute of Limitations)

Sexual abuse by organizations or institutions in Missouri

Sexual abuse by an organization or institution is where the victim has been abused by another individual within the system—often by a person in a position of trust. Often, too, the institution has not taken adequate steps to address the problem.

The abuse can take many forms, including:

  • Any touching of a child in an appropriate way
  • Unwanted touching or kissing of non-consenting adults
  • Molestation or sexual harassment
  • Rape

Victims of sexual abuse are frequently too intimidated to speak up about what is happening to them, remaining silent and unsure how to stop the abuse. The institution may not act if the abuse is reported and, shockingly to many people, may even take steps to cover up the abuse to protect its reputation.

The impact of sexual abuse on victims’ lives

The long-term effect of sexual abuse on victims can be devastating, with the physical and emotional suffering experienced at the time of the abuse being carried well into adult life. Many victims suffer serious psychological problems that impact their daily lives, with depression and anxiety accompanying emotional disturbances and potential long-term physical effects too.

Victims and their families often place their trust and faith in the institutions only to learn that it helped to facilitate the abuse or turned a blind eye to it. Fortunately, some well-publicized cases have thrust the matter into the public eye and more steps are now being taken to prevent sexual abuse in organizations and hold the institutions accountable for past crimes.

How do you recognize the signs of sexual abuse?

A major challenge with preventing sexual abuse, especially in cases involving children, is that many of the typical signs are not obvious and may be attributed to other causes.

Unless the perpetrator is caught “in the act” or signs of physical trauma or injuries are found, the signs of sexual abuse may go undetected for a long time. These signs may include:

  • Changes in mood or demeanor
  • Withdrawal from social activities
  • Increasingly reserved behavior
  • Avoidance of certain individuals
  • An unexplained reluctance to engage in certain activities with certain people
  • Irritable behavior

Again, there may be many reasons for these types of behavior in children but they shouldn’t be passed off as simply “growing pains”. They are also the classic signs of abuse and should be investigated by concerned parents.

Holding institutions accountable for sexual abuse of victims

Part of the healing process for sexual abuse victims is the recognition that what happened to them was wrong and holding the institutions that allowed it to happen accountable for their negligence.

The abuse could often have been prevented if proper measures were in place to protect victims.

If you’re a victim of institutional sexual abuse, taking legal action against the institution helps you receive compensation for the abuse you suffered while also deterring this type of institutional negligence from impacting other victims in the future.

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