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Memorial weekend brings added traffic congestion

On behalf of Noland Law Firm, LLC posted in car accidents on Friday, May 22, 2015.

Memorial Day weekend often is seen as the start of summer. People head out for parades, get-togethers and out of town to the lake or cabin. Because it is close to the end of school for many districts, family road trips and vacations are often close behind.

This year especially, it will mean more traffic on the roads and more congestion. Contributing to this will be lower gas prices, with the nationwide average close to a dollar less than 2014. 

But with more drivers on the road, included those stressed by being stuck in traffic and late in reaching their destination, all motorists should be alert to traffic conditions and other drivers. Road construction is well underway, and construction slowdowns can be dangerous when combined with a distracted driver reading a text or an intoxicated driver.

Checking the relevant department of transportation website before you leave can be a good way to learn about any road construction on your route and allow you to choose an alternative to avoid severe construction traffic delays.

For instance, MoDOT warns that I-70 near the Sedalia/Marshall exit will be very congested westbound, because bridgework has reduced the road to one lane, and they report drivers on weekend have endured one-hour traffic delays. With everyone coming home at the end of the holiday weekend, it may be highly recommended to avoid this stretch of road.

And the National Safety Council estimates that about 383 people will die in fatal motor vehicle accidents this weekend. Also troubling will be the more than 46,000 who will suffer some degree of injury in car accidents.

None of these accidents has to happen. Remain alert, don’t drive drunk, let others handle the cellphone, texting and GPS duties, and enjoy the weekend. A trip to the emergency room is one road trip you want to avoid this weekend.

Source:, “AAA: 33 million people to drive for Memorial Day weekend,” Megan Hart, May 21, 2015

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