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Missouri Personal Injury Attorney: Premises Liability Claims


As soon as possible, a personal injury attorney should be contacted when you have been injured due to an accident as a result of unsafe conditions at someone’s home or place of business. An experienced lawyer can help recover financial compensation for your injuries.

It’s important that you contact the lawyer as soon as possible, as there is a time limit a premises liability lawsuit in Missouri.

Personal Injury Attorney: Compensation

Following a slip and fall accident, a personal injury attorney can examine your options for getting compensation for your losses, especially when it has been determined that it was the property owner’s negligence that contributed to the accident.

You may choose to file an insurance claim or file a personal injury lawsuit in a Missouri court. There are numerous Missouri laws and legal rules that can affect your case. In particular, the statute of limitations deadline for filing a slip and fall lawsuit, as well as the “shared fault” rules, which affect your right to recover compensation should it be found that you bear some responsibility for the accident.

Personal Injury Attorney: Business Liability

Businesses that are open to the public do no always adequately provide safe conditions on their property. Unfortunately – and all too often – they result in people being injured. One of the most prevalent types of personal injury is slip and fall injuries. Whether due to slippery floors or cracks in the pavement outside the mall, accidents happen all the time. Property owners are required by law to display warnings of dangerous conditions and hazardous areas must be repaired as soon as possible.

When an injury occurs because safety measures are not in place to prevent them, those businesses are liable. Even a parking lot that is covered in ice due to wintry weather can be a liability for a business when they don’t take steps to clear the ice.

Personal Injury Attorney: Homeowners Liability

In addition to a business owner’s liability for injuries to their customers, homeowners can be held liable if someone is injured in certain circumstances. Accidents in someone’s home can be a result of almost anything, such as tripping on a loose rug or falling down steps that are unstable. When you’ve sustained an injury at someone’s home that causes you pain and suffering, lost wages and mounting medical expenses, a personal injury lawyer can assist you.

Personal Injury Attorney: Missouri Law

Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo §516.0120) allows for an injured person to file a slip and fall (premises liability) claim against negligent property owners for medical expenses, pain and suffering and more. The first step is to determine who is liable before a lawsuit can go forward.

Personal Injury Attorney: Who Is Liable?

The party having possession or control of the premises where the injury occurred can be considered liable when an accident occurs. Regardless of whether they are the owner of the property, leasing or renting it – under Missouri law, the entity in possession of the property is the liable party or parties. Your personal injury lawyer can make the determination for who is liable.

Importantly, property owners may only be liable for the accidents that resulted from their negligence. Examples of negligence are the property owner’s failure to:

  • Repair broken steps
  • Post signs warning of hazardous conditions
  • Repair cracked floors

Personal Injury Attorney: Noland Law Firm

At Noland Law Firm, LLC, a personal injury attorney will provide an individualized, one-on-one approach to help you recover fair and adequate compensation for your injuries. We will competently investigate your claim, gather evidence, formulate legal theories, and research case law.

We will advocate for you before and during trial, providing experienced, expert representation throughout the entire process.

In legal cases involving personal injury claims, be sure you retain the best representation possible – our firm is ready to work for you, with a proven record of success for obtaining compensation for our clients.


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