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Negligence Alleged Over Presumed Opioid Overdose

Is a police officer negligent treat an asthma victim for an opioid overdose?

There are few things scarier than an asthma attack for a victim and their family as they know every moment matters in the fight for oxygen. When help arrives, it generally brings a measure of relief—except when the first-on-the-scene police officer treats the victim for an opioid overdose rather than an asthma attack.

If such a mistake was made, a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim– depending on the outcome for the victim– might be appropriate.

Narcan is an injectable drug with the ability to reverse an opioid overdose if administered quickly. Because of that, EMTs and police officers have access to the potentially life-saving medication. But what happens if Narcan is improperly administered– and appropriate treatment is delayed– to the victim’s detriment?

That’s what one family claims happened to a 54-year-old mother who reportedly received two rounds of Narcan by the police officer who arrived on the scene first. Despite telling him she was not on any medications the family alleges the officer treated the incident as a drug overdose. He reportedly delayed performing CPR and instead shook the woman, called her name, and administered the Narcan. It was 10 minutes before medics arrived and hospital staff reportedly diagnosed her with “an asthma attack which prompted respiratory failure and then cardiac arrest”. The family claims the lack of oxygen from the officer delaying CPR left the mother with brain damage.

A personal injury lawsuit is appropriate when a victim is injured or killed as a result of the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions or inactions of another person or entity. If liability can be established, the victim may be entitled to compensatory damages which differ on a case-by-case basis. Often, they involve current and future medical and rehabilitation expenses, lost income, and physical and psychological pain.

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