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June 15th, 2023, The Kansas City Star: Northland wreck foretold fatal Westport fire truck crash six months later, lawyer says

Excerpt from the article "The Star has also learned that had officials taken a good look at what happened in the Northland crash that permanently disabled now 79-year-old Huda Saad in June of 2021, they would have discovered that their own rules and policies were in conflict over when fire trucks were required to stop at red lights.

“What is so unfortunate is that Mrs. Saad’s collision and serious injuries occurred six months before the Westport tragedy, and both involved a KCFD firetruck going through an intersection on a red light, which is prohibited under 4.13 of the KCFD rules,” attorney Douglass Noland said."

March 14, 2013, Liberty Tribune: Proposed high-power line draw ire 

The Noland Law Firm continues the efforts against Ameren’s construction of a 69,000 volt power line next to the Windsor Estates subdivision just outside of Liberty’s eastern city limits. Doug Noland, who represents many of the landowners, organized a meeting on March 7, 2013, at the Liberty Community Center with representative of state and county government to give residents an opportunity to voice their concerns over Ameren’s proposed new power line

March 25, 2013, 41 Action News: Power struggle between neighbors in Liberty and utility company over proposed transmission line

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