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Holiday Drunk Driving Accidents Spike Personal Injury Suits

January 31, 2019

Are bar owners responsible for drunk driving injuries? Missouri personal injury attorneys can attest to the fact that there is generally an up-tick in personal injury lawsuits after the winter holiday season and its high volume of family gatherings and corporate parties where alcohol is served. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, many drunk- or…

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Can I sue a gym for deadlift-related injuries?

January 30, 2019

Missouri personal injury attorneys know that the outcomes of deadlift-related lawsuits against gyms by injured members can be hit-or-miss depending on the facts of each case and possibly, how soon an attorney is contacted.  To recover in a personal injury action, the injured party must first establish that the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions or…

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Severed Finger at Daycare Center Sparks Negligence Suit

January 28, 2019

What duty of care does a daycare center owe to the children it supervises? Kansas City daycare negligence attorneys often help upset and grieving parents whose children have been injured or killed while in the custody of daycare centers. Sometimes, guilt-ridden parents wish they had investigated the facility for any records of violations prior to…

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Botched Circumcision Claimed in Lawsuit

December 12, 2018

Is a bad circumcision grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit? It’s a procedure routinely performed countless times daily in hospitals across the nation, though envisioning the procedure could make many parents weak in the knees. Male infant circumcision is typically performed in the hospital at only one-day old. In fact, it’s done so often without…

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Medical Negligence: Removing a Healthy Organ

December 11, 2018

Is it medical negligence to remove a healthy organ? Patients facing surgery are often nervous about the procedure they are undergoing and the recovery and/or rehabilitation that may follow it. Hoping that medical negligence doesn’t occur is also normal. Sometimes patients are so anxious they leave surgeons reminder notes on their bodies using markers so…

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Negligence Alleged Over Presumed Opioid Overdose

December 10, 2018

Is a police officer negligent treat an asthma victim for an opioid overdose? There are few things scarier than an asthma attack for a victim and their family as they know every moment matters in the fight for oxygen. When help arrives, it generally brings a measure of relief—except when the first-on-the-scene police officer treats…

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Can I still sue a daycare for negligence if I signed a waiver?

November 21, 2018

Kansas City daycare negligence attorneys are the ones to call if you know or suspect a child has been injured or abused in a daycare setting. Serious injuries that might require ongoing physical and/or psychological medical care can happen in a daycare setting due to lax supervision, poor judgment, careless errors, and even intentional abuse…

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Suit Threatened After Tot Scalded at Restaurant

November 12, 2018

Q: Is a hot water burn accident grounds to sue a restaurant? Every single day, countless cups of hot scalding water or coffee are served by waitstaff to patrons in restaurants across the country. Personal injury lawsuits arise when accidents occur and people get burned. But to prevail in your lawsuit, you must establish liability–which…

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Dangers at Festivals are Grounds for Lawsuits

November 5, 2018

Q: Who is responsible for injuries or deaths at festivals? Each fall, families flock to pumpkin patches for seasonal fun which often includes activities like pumpkin picking, hayrides, bounce houses, corn mazes, and more. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong which could lead to a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit. Premises liability attorneys handle personal…

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Death on the Job

October 18, 2018

Q: Can I sue if I got hurt at work? It was a terrible day in the neighborhood when co-workers on the set and restaurant patrons nearby saw and heard the commotion after a sound technician from the movie production crew for the new Mister Rogers movie reportedly fell 2 stories to his death. An…

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