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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer: Emotional Abuse Recognition

A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Can Help Determine If Your Loved One Is Suffering From Emotional Abuse

Hiring a nursing home abuse lawyer may be necessary if you suspect your elderly loved one is suffering from nursing home emotional abuse.  Out of all the types of nursing home abuse, emotional abuse is the most common problem because it is the most difficult to identify and track.  This makes it hard to say just how many individuals are suffering from emotional abuse.  Unlike physical abuse where the signs are visible, emotional abuse does not leave physical evidence, and is not obviously criminal.

Emotional abuse is considered invisible as other residents, loved ones, and professionals may not have any idea this behavior is happening, especially if they do not witness it firsthand.  By retaining a nursing home abuse lawyer, you can be certain to have someone helping you identify the type of abuse and where to go from there.

Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse, being ignored, isolation and/or mistreatment in any way that adversely affects a person’s well-being. However, emotional abuse can be both verbal and non-verbal.  Verbal abuse is much easier to track and identify, especially if you are close when it is happening.  It is characterized by scapegoating/blaming, intimidation, yelling/shouting/screaming, name calling/insulting/ridiculing the patient, and forcing guilt for things the patient isn’t responsible for.  If any of these are happening to your loved one, you need a nursing home abuse lawyer to help you stop the behavior and protect them in the future.

Non-verbal emotional abuse entails treating the patient as if they were a child, ignoring them, removing personal items or hiding them, restricting access to phone calls/visits, food, water, and/or bathrooms, and threats of physical harm.  Often non-verbal abuse manifests itself in elderly patients through fear, sadness, agitation, and nervousness.  Unfortunately this type of abuse can be unintentional if the caregiver is overly stressed or over worked, and may be lashing out and harming them.

If you feel your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, including emotional abuse, a nursing home abuse lawyer is here to help you.  At Noland Law Firm, we believe skilled nursing home facilities have an obligation to provide proper care to their residents.  Our lawyers have a combined 45 years’ experience in making a difference in the lives of victims and their loved ones.  We serve individuals and families in Liberty, Gladstone, North Kansas City, Raytown, Independence, and Blue Springs.  Please contact us today to request a free consultation, or call at (816) 781-5055 if you have any questions about retaining a nursing home abuse lawyer.

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