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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Protects Victims Of Nursing Home Neglect Due To COVID-19

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A nursing home abuse lawyer can help obtain compensation for residents of nursing facilities who have suffered neglect by caregivers. Most facilities in Liberty and Kansas City take their responsibility to their residents seriously and go the extra mile to keep them comfortable and provide for their needs. Unfortunately, in some areas, the COVID-19 outbreak has provided ample opportunities for nursing home negligence.

Infectious disease outbreaks are a danger to adults in nursing home care even in ordinary times, but now there is an increased risk for COVID-19 issues. Residents of nursing homes are often frail and have more functional limitations and chronic conditions, which puts them at the highest risk for serious illness as a result of exposure. Even with social distancing, problems such as staff shortages, a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and oxygen tanks, residents’ conditions may worsen as a result.

The shortage of qualified nurses and aides due to isolation can significantly impact the quality of care that elderly residents receive. There are many other aspects of residential facilities that make them more conducive to a rapid spread of COVID-19 as well. Many residents are incapable of practicing the levels of personal hygiene required to stop transmission; moreover, families are not able to visit, which increases isolation and vulnerability to abuse and neglect.

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Nursing home negligence matters, in general, are extremely sensitive and a nursing home abuse lawyer must rely on the facts to pursue a case. As a licensed institution, nursing facilities in Liberty and Kansas City must comply with detailed state-mandated regulations regarding the records they document and maintain and the information that must be kept on file. COVID-19 poses particular challenges for nursing homes due to special considerations that can arise for residents of long-term care facilities. A nursing home abuse lawyer who is familiar with the complexities of nursing home systems, and who knows how to obtain the necessary information in nursing home neglect cases, is essential to a successful outcome. For that reason, when a tragedy involving your loved one occurs, you should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

A nursing home abuse lawyer will investigate every aspect of the alleged neglect, and importantly, will advocate for you and your loved one in a lawsuit, negotiate with opposing counsel, insurance companies and in court. The attorneys at Noland Law Firm in Liberty represent vulnerable adults in the greater Kansas City area who have been victims of nursing home neglect. As a nursing home abuse lawyer with experience and intricate knowledge of these types of cases, Elizabeth Noland is completely qualified to represent you and is fully committed to pursuing the financial compensation you and your family deserves.

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