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Personal Injury Lawyer: Instructions for Injury Clients Part Two

Your personal injury lawyer at Noland Law Firm wants you to feel prepared as an injury client, which is why we’re continuing with part two of our blog series on instructions for injury clients. We know that every client and every case is different, but there are a few more things to consider when you’re injured in an accident.

Personal injury lawyer instructions are important to follow for the success of your case.

First, you need to follow your doctor’s advice, and be sure to do what your doctors tell you to do. There is never a reason or excuse to miss a doctor’s appointment. By missing an appointment, you are saying to the doctor and insurance company that you aren’t hurt enough for it to matter. This might actually harm your claim. It is important for your doctor to have the most up-to-date information on your condition and know how you are feeling. Each time you go to the doctor and report that you are still in pain, your doctor makes a note of this in your personal records. However, some clients become discouraged and do not see their doctor even though they are having pain.

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you it’s our job to recover personal compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured. But by not going to the doctor, you are proving that you are not hurting, which can affect the settlement amount. It is very important that you are intentional in getting well, attending all doctor appointments, and following all your doctor’s instructions.

It is the job of your personal injury lawyer to represent you and there are some first steps involved in this process that you should be aware of. When you are first interviewed, general information regarding your case will be obtained. Materials relating to things you should or should not do will be furnished to you. You will be requested to sign certain authorization forms which will allow us to obtain your medical records and other necessary information. We will notify the person who was responsible for your injury and/or their insurance company that you have retained us as your personal injury lawyer. Requests for your chart and billing information will be sent to all the doctors and hospitals involved in your care.

Likewise you should not talk about your case with anyone  except this office and your doctors. If your own insurance company wants to talk about your case before they pay your medical bills, please refer them to us. Also, any necessary  information from employers, schools, or other persons will be obtained by us. You should not sign anything for anyone else until you check with us first.

However, you need to be aware that you might be watched and photographed. When a claim is filed by an injured person, insurance companies routinely conduct a detailed investigation of the injured person’s background. It is not uncommon for an insurance company investigator to park his surveillance van near your house and videotape your activities. These tapes can be detrimental to a case, or corroborate an injured person’s limitations. Please contact your personal injury lawyer if you believe you are being watched.

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