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Protecting Yourself from Drunk Drivers

Drunk or impaired drivers are dangerous. They are not only extremely dangerous for themselves, but they are also a hazard to everyone else on the road as well. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reports that someone dies because of alcohol impaired driving every 48 minutes in the United States. In addition, roughly one-third of all auto accidents are due to impaired driving.

If you think that someone near you is driving while impaired, there are a few steps that you can take to help avoid car accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Spotting Drunk Drivers

Responsible drivers never drink and drive. However, there are a lot of irresponsible drivers on the road. You can often spot impaired drivers because of how they drive. They may be exhibiting the following characteristics:

  • Drifting from one side of the road to the other
  • Driving in the center of the road
  • Nearly hitting objects or other vehicles
  • Weaving across the road
  • Swerving or turning abruptly
  • Drinking in the vehicle
  • Driving with their face close to the windshield
  • Turning too wide
  • Erratic braking
  • Slow reactions to traffic signals

Every driver is slightly different when it comes to exhibiting symptoms of impaired driving. Some drunk drivers will not show any of these signs.

Using Defensive Driving to Protect Yourself Against Drunk Drivers

While using defensive driving techniques is a good idea at all times, it is particularly important if you suspect that a driver may be drunk behind the wheel.

First, you should always be sure that you are using your seatbelt. If you are involved in an accident, using your seatbelt can save your life.

If you believe that the vehicle is a real safety concern for others, you may also want to call local law enforcement. Have a description of the vehicle, your location, and the license plate number of the vehicle available to report, if possible.

You can also use the following tips and advice to help keep yourself safe.

Give the Other Vehicle Plenty of Room.

If you suspect that a driver is drunk, you should give him or her plenty of room. Allow a few car lengths between both of your vehicles. If possible, avoid driving right next to the other vehicle as well. You should also be ready to take quick action to prevent an accident, if necessary.

Stay on the Look Out at Intersections.

Impaired drivers will often ignore traffic signs and signals. Use extra caution when going through intersections near drunk drivers. Taking a little bit of extra time can help you avoid a crash.

Avoid late night driving.

Most accidents occur at night. Drunk driving is more likely to happen at night, particularly on the weekends and holidays. If you can, avoid driving past midnight to ensure that you are off the road when most drunk driving accidents occur.

Getting Legal Help After a Drunk Driving Accident

If you were recently involved in a drunk driving accident, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact our team to discuss your legal options.


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