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Slip and Fall Lawyer Helps Pursue Premises Liability Claims

noland law firm kansas city slip and fall lawyer premises liability claims blogA slip and fall lawyer can assess your case and help you determine which steps to take next when you or someone you love was injured at someone’s home or business. Missouri premises liability law allows injured parties to bring suit against negligent landowners and occupants; however, whether you are pursuing an insurance settlement or filing a personal injury lawsuit, to win your case you will need to be able to prove that someone else is legally responsible for your injuries. A slip and fall lawyer can help establish liability and pursue your claim for compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and even future damages like lost earning capacity and future medical treatment.

Every year, people are injured as a result of property owners and occupants of businesses, shopping malls, hotels and other public entities’ failure to address dangerous conditions on their property. A cracked sidewalk, slippery floors, loose steps or any number of other conditions can cause debilitating injuries such as broken bones, head and back injuries or worse. These types of injuries often make working difficult and require thousands of dollars in medical care.

noland law firm personal injury lawyerDetermining who may be at fault is not as simple as finding out who owns the property; rather, it must be determined who was in actual possession or control of the property. For example, a property manager who has leased retail space to a tenant in a shopping mall does not maintain control of the property, and may not be responsible. A competent slip and fall lawyer has the ability to determine who may be liable through comprehensive examination of premises liability law.

To ensure that the proper grounds for your claim are met, you should contact a knowledgeable Noland Law Firm slip and fall lawyer who will be able to assess your injury and assist you in determining if the property owner failed to maintain the property or sufficiently warn of hazardous conditions. Once liability has been established, we will work with you in proving a direct causal relationship between the hazard on the property and the injury that you suffered.

To discuss your personal injury case with an experienced slip and fall lawyer, please call our firm for a free consultation or contact us online. Noland Law Firm fights for the rights of accident victims in Kansas City, Blue Springs, Gladstone, Independence, Liberty, Clay County, and throughout the greater Kansas City area.

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