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Slip And Fall Lawyer On Hazardous Conditions


Your Slip And Fall Lawyer Can Help You With Your Case

Your slip and fall lawyer with Noland Law Firm is experienced in helping their clients after an accident.  Many clients only experience wet floor hazards, especially in the winter when snow and ice melt.  However, there are many hazardous conditions attributed to slip and fall accidents to be aware of:

Crumbling Stairs – this type of stair problem is dangerous.  Crumbling stairs happens when the concrete wasn’t originally mixed properly, leading to air bubbles within the mixture, eventually breaking down over time.  Crumbling stairs should be repaired immediately! If left in their damaged state, they can become a slip and fall hazard to anyone that walks across them.

Wet Floors – are one of the most commonplace reasons for serious injuries to workers and customers in a retail space, and residents and visitors in a residential space.  Water collected and pooled makes any surface slippery, and can cause someone to be injured.  A slip and fall lawyer is necessary to make sure the injured party is properly compensated for any injury they might sustain, including medical bills.

Exposed Electrical Wiring – should never happen!  Any exposed electrical wiring has the potential to shock a person that might touch it.  These types of problems often happen during home remodeling projects or on new job sites, and it is important that these wires be maintained and covered at all times.

Raised Flooring – becomes a tripping hazard.  The human body has muscle memory, which retains the account of steps while moving.  If your muscle memory is not used to a raised floor (as is the case with steps), then there is a potential trip and fall hazard awaiting.  Often people are fine stepping up onto the raised floor, but serious injuries can occur if they fall off the edge.

Falling Debris – can easily cause a person to trip, slip, and fall.  This type of injury can be serious as it contributes to whole body injuries.

Obstructed Pathways – can be dangerous as they cause people to either walk around the pathway or over the obstruction.  In either case, pathway obstruction can cause a slip and fall hazard.

Poorly Lit Walkways – are one of the most common ways people do not see potential hazards on walkways.  A slip and fall lawyer can help a person determine if a poorly lit walkway was a determining factor causing their accident.

Your slip and fall lawyer at Noland Law Firm is currently taking on clients within the Kansas City Metro area including Liberty, North Kansas City, Gladstone, Independence, Blue Springs, and Raytown.  If you were recently in a slip and fall accident, please contact your slip and fall lawyer to schedule a consultation, or call at (816) 781-5055 with any questions regarding your case.

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