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Staying Safe at Backyard Barbeques

Summer is in full swing, and that means that it is a great time to get outside and do some grilling and enjoy friends and family in the yard. Unfortunately, summertime can also see an uptick in injuries related to recreational activities, grilling, and fireworks. Guests and family members can also injure themselves in other ways at your backyard barbecue as well. If you are hosting a barbecue this summer, keep the following important safety tips in mind.

Do a Sweep of the Yard for Hazards

Take a walk around your yard to check for any potentially dangerous conditions. Remove anything that could be a tripping hazard for guests, including lawn ornaments and dog ropes or chains. Put up garden tools and electrical cords as well. If you must keep cords or other potentially hazardous items in the yard, move them to a location where they will not be bumped or in an area where guests will not walk over them.

Move Flammable Items Away from the Grill

It is a good idea to move your tiki torches and umbrellas away from your cooking or campfire areas. Decorations should be nowhere near open flames, including candles, fire pits, or your grill. You can avoid many potential problems with fires by moving a few things around. You should also avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing if you will be in charge of grilling. Sleeves and straps can ignite and cause serious injuries.

Be Prepared

You should have a first aid kit handy and know how to use it in case anyone is injured. Having a cell phone close at all times will allow you to call for help quickly as well. You should also have a fire extinguisher nearby and know how to use it—before it is necessary!

Inspect Your Grill

If you are getting your grill out for the first time this year, you may need to go through some brief preparation before your friends and family arrive. Be sure to do a thorough cleaning. Insects or debris in the gas lines and burners can block gas from being distributed properly. Be sure to confirm that gas lines are tight-fitting and are not damaged. Replace your propane tank if it looks rusty or has other signs of damage or corrosion. While you should do a quick inspection every time you grill, it is especially important when you are breaking out the grill for the season.

Be Cautious While Grilling

Your grill should be far enough away from guests that they do not risk getting burned. Children should certainly play elsewhere, and guests should wait to touch the grill until after it has cooled completely. Be sure to also cook only on level surfaces, with no flammable items nearby. Patios or decks work best. Never grill indoors.

Shutting Down Your Grill Properly

Charcoal grill fires can take hours to cool down, so it is important the guests maintain their distance even after you are done cooking. Allow the charcoal grill to die out on its own. Gas grills should be completely shut off as well.

Getting Legal Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Even backyard grilling accidents can result in legal liability. Learn more about your legal options after an injury by calling 816-656-2596.

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