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The Criminal and Civil Consequences of Killing Someone

Q: Can intentional actions be the basis of a wrongful death lawsuit?

When someone is facing charges, particularly something as serious as involuntary manslaughter, the first thing they need to focus on is hiring a skilled Kansas City criminal defense lawyer. And while getting acquitted is the biggest priority, that might not be the end of their problems. 
Reportedly, an intoxicated man broke into a neighbor’s home mistaking it for his own and, once inside, allegedly “drunkenly choked” his neighbor to death thinking he was an intruder in his own home. According to police, he called 911 for assistance, claiming “he had an intruder in a chokehold”, but when police arrived at his empty home, they then found the men at the neighbor’s house nearby but couldn’t revive the victim.
When someone is killed as a result of the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions of somebody else, the closest surviving relatives of the victim may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the person whose conduct caused their loved one’s death.
Wrongful death lawsuits are complicated and differ on a case-by-case basis. Who has standing to sue and for what kind of damages differs depending on the relationship between the victim and the survivor. Generally, the spouse, parents, children, siblings or a court-appointed guardian can file a wrongful death lawsuit. 
Once liability has been established, compensatory damages may include the final medical bills, funeral expenses, and the pain and suffering the victim experienced before they died. The survivor’s loss of the victim’s future income and future benefits, their loss of the victim’s companionship, support, and guidance may also be recoverable.
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