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The Dangers of Daycare

Q: What is daycare negligence?

For many parents who choose to leave their babies in daycare while they work, the decision on who to trust with their care is complex. Naturally, parents want a loving and nurturing environment for their children and have high expectations of those they trust with their children’s lives.

Daycare negligence is one of their greatest fears and the reason parents often plant hidden video recorders to be “their eyes and ears” when their children are supervised by others.

Sadly, daycare workers can make careless mistakes or worse– intentionally harm– the children entrusted to their care, causing serious and potentially long-term mental and/or physical personal injury to children.

If someone’s actions (or inactions) negligently, recklessly, or intentionally causes injury to someone else, the victim may be entitled to compensatory damages for their physical and psychological pain through a personal injury lawsuit.

Recently, and in-home daycare center owner was reportedly caught on a hidden camera attached to a 6-month-old child’s car seat by his parents being “yanked” by the ankle from his car seat by the worker who then allegedly “pulled [him] up by a bib around his neck” and also dosed him with an “unknown substance with a syringe”.

The woman reportedly admitted to authorities that she gave the children “Tylenol to make them stop crying and to make her job easier”. According to authorities, she strapped the children into their car seats keeping them “confined for up to 7 hours each day” and tied shoelaces tightly around their necks to restrict their movement.

According to police, investigators found several children strapped in their car seats “inside a bedroom closet and in the bathroom” with doors closed and lights out and with several having shoelaces around their necks

In addition to being charged with nine counts of endangering a child and the outcome of those charges, the worker could be subject to several daycare negligence lawsuits if parents decide to take civil action.

If your child has been injured at daycare, the personal injury attorneys the Noland Law Firm can help maximize the compensation to which you may be entitled. While we can’t undo the incident, we can help you get answers and help relieve the financial burden of your loss. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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