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Why Handling Tickets is Best Left to Attorneys

Q: Should I hire an attorney to defend me for a traffic or other ticket?

As Kansas City traffic violation lawyers, we understand how motorists feel when charged with a traffic violation. Court appearances and fines can be frustrating, time-consuming, expensive, and negatively impact driving privileges– –not to mention raise your automobile insurance premium. How embarrassing (and potentially costly) it is to have to ask for time off from work to deal with it all. That’s why many people choose to retain an experienced attorney to represent and defend you to increase the chance that the matter can be resolved without a conviction.

But traffic violations aren’t the only kind of tickets that officers issue. Sometimes violations related to business practices can result in tickets and fines. Depending on the case, if the situation or condition that resulted in a ticket or fine is not remedied, additional tickets and fines may be imposed—piling on the costs to the business owner.

Sometimes people who receive multiple tickets may be so frustrated that they allegedly make poor choices—so bad that they lead to criminal charges and the need to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney.

According to authorities, that’s what happened when a Texas business owner determined to stop a police officer from issuing “nuisance” tickets that interfered with his business operations reportedly hired a hitman to kill the officer. Unfortunately for him, the alleged deal to take out the officer was made with an undercover cop resulting in his arrest on a charge of “solicitation of capital murder”.

Very often, a skilled criminal defense attorney can assess the strength of the evidence against a suspect as well as the manner in which it was obtained to see if the suspect’s civil rights were violated or if there are any grounds to suppress any of the evidence. That’s why it’s best to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible—ideally before making any statements to the police.

Whether you are facing traffic violations or have been charged with a crime, the experienced defense attorneys at Noland Law Firm can help you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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