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Workers Compensation Attorney Advocates For Injured Workers


A workers compensation attorney can help if you have been injured on the job. You may be entitled to reimbursement for lost wages, payment of medical bills, vocational rehabilitation, and more. Whatever your injury may be, whether caused by a sudden accident, environmental exposure, or the result of repetitive work-related activities, a workers compensation attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Importantly, a workers compensation lawyer has a full understanding of the claims filing process, in addition to the necessary skills and experience needed to draft pleadings, findings of fact, file motions, briefs, opinions, and other required legal documentation for litigating your case before a judge to ensure you receive timely, impartial and fair claim resolution.

Workers Compensation Attorney: Missouri & Kansas Laws

Individual state and Federal statutes provide for fixed awards to employees or their dependents in the event of employment-related accidents and diseases. Workers Compensation Insurance allows compensation for permanent total disability, partial disability or temporary disability benefits, depending on the illness or injury.

Workers Compensation Attorney: Employee Advocate

You need a competent attorney to advocate for you in your workers compensation case. A lawyer who is skilled in the specific laws and procedures of these types of cases can effectively negotiate with your employer, doctors and other health care providers, and insurance companies, as well as other lawyers and the court, to help you obtain benefits for job-related illnesses or injuries.

Further, having a workers compensation attorney is critical for successfully mitigating your liability, which includes gathering comprehensive medical records and acquiring concrete medical evidence to support your claim. Your attorney is also responsible for taking your deposition and the depositions of doctors and other medical experts, conducting discovery and performing relevant legal research.

Workers Compensation Attorney: Noland Law Firm

The Noland Law Firm will work to ensure that your employer or your employer’s insurance company provides you and/or your family with compensation for any injuries (including death) sustained while working. We offer you a thorough legal knowledge of workers compensation laws and procedures with compassion and empathy to help you and your loved ones through what can be a long and difficult process. As your advocates, we will be by your side every step of the way.¬†

If you were injured at work report your injury immediately to your employer. In the event that you are unable to reach an agreement with your employer regarding compensation for your injury, contact a workers’ compensation attorney to proceed with a claim with the Industrial Commission. Your attorney can take it from there. If you live in the Kansas City area and western Missouri. We offer a FREE Initial¬†Consultation.

The attorneys at Noland Law Firm fight for the rights of injured workers in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We also serve clients throughout Blue Springs, Gladstone, Independence, Liberty, Clay County, and throughout the greater Kansas City area. When an on the job injury happens you need a workers compensation attorney with the experience you need who will give you the attention you deserve.

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